Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arduino with Wii nunchuck

Helpful Links For Arduino

Doing research for the Arduino board I stumbled upon this website that will be useful for when i build my computer. I'm planning on dual booting it with Windows and Linux.  Even though the Arduino uses an open source code, Linux has problems loading through the serial ports to the board and this link could solve potentially solve any future problems.


Hears a website that goes through a tutorial on the Arduino board and basic electronics.  Seems to be simple enough to grasp and may be helpful to many art majors not familiar with microcontrollers.


This seems like a pretty interesting link, more geared towards the engineers who want to do more complicated projects with the Arduino board.  I meant that in no way to be degrading to the artists lol, its just that some of the stuff made possible through this microcontroller that this website goes into is very technical